Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Does anybody have light at their plce for more than three hours??

ok for a change lets not complain and whine and see how far we can help to solve our energy crises.hmm..since we cant build dams, cuz ironically the other provinces would get lesser water, why dont we start with conserving electricity on our own small scale?For starters we can;
1)do less ironing, cuz it takes up alot of electricity
2)keep the geasers at "pilot".cuz now ofcorse we dont need hot water!(the weather takes care of that)
3)i know its hot, but if we keep the splits and the air conditioners at a normal temperature, we would be doing ourslves a favor in the long run!
4)switch off unneccesary lights and fans.
5)avoid washing your cars with excessive water,,cuz we are facing a water shortage too!!its ok if your car dsnt shine that mch!
6)do not keep electric appliances including tv n computers on a "stand-by" mode!

iam sure you all must be aware of such little things but we all know how indifferent and oblivious we can be!i think we can make a difference with a little conscious effort!!HAPPy Summers everybody!!


  1. well, no matter How much I believe in that "Qatra Qatra Qulzum" thingie myself, I have a Strong feeling that it is not Us who cause these shortages nor should We fix it (left alone the argument that we Can or not).

    To support my argument I have this recent experience (a couple of days back) when I went to this Services Club (Fauji of course) back in the hood.

    I, along with 4 of my other friends entered the club ground as we were there to look after a friend's Walima Ceremony's "Tayyariyan" by the decorator. After we pointed out a couple of thingies there and put them to fix it, we turned to the main building to get some coffee. We entered the member area and sat there. That's a Big hall with all these comfy Sofas and Tables and Antique Decoration and Fans and Split ACs. A man was watching some channel on this wide LCD and was enjoying his cigarette.
    We ordered the coffee and changed the channel to some sports one. Suddenly a thought struck our mind, "Yeh To Bijli Janay Ka Time Nahi Hai??" (there is this Routine of loadshedding on 4hours stretch, 4 times a day, yes you said that right, Oh My God!). We called upon the server and asked him what the matter was, he replied with a Smirk, "WAPDA KI DEDICATED LINE HAI JEE", i was like WT*?

    The bottomline is, its always Us who are asked (and who actually Do) sacrifice and all that "Bachat" in the name of Self Help and being a Pakistan Lover but what do They do?? All the armed forces and politicians and other blah blah people are privileged, ok fair enough, but for WHAT?? To put their ACs on all the day so that they get a Thanda Kamra when they come home from office?? (or room heaters for that matter); so that their children make crank calls abroad just for Fun?? (and this used to happen when the call to UK and US was not 2Rs, it was like 50Rs or something At Least, reference: my friends from army); That they find a Thanda Hall when they enter the club to do What?? play Cards?? Chess?? Snooker?? I mean Come Onnnn, there are Better things we can use this energy for. I don't mean to say that you Deprive them of privilages, but at Least make them pay Something for them..

    And as for that "Bachat Scheme", i Still believe that it wouldn't do Anything but to Facilitate these "Ayyashiyan" of the Higher Authorities.. OKAYYYY it gives a good sense of Citizenship, but Then what?? They would come up with Another excuse and would ask you to grow Trees!! =oD

    But again, that's My point of view.. =o}

  2. You are blatantly true about this futile effort,but somebody needs to make a difference regardless, because i think efforts do pay off in the end!!and if not us ,(the supposedly educated class), then who would arouse the dead "conscience" of our people??
    little efforts,changes in habits, and lifestyles can do wonders,,its just a matter of time!:)

  3. first of all we have to admit...the issue is serious....more than we think!

    now for the solution i think we need to develope a social sense. what i mean by social sense is that we have to stop abusing the existing capacity of power supply! take any big market for example. If light goes out for 4 hours thats ok with the people running the shops there but once it comes back they turn on all their average 8 - 10 lights per shop. why can't they run their shops at 2 - 3 lights??? Now coming to the individual... we install 3 ACs where one is needed and and we don't care if the person living next door can't even have his simple fan running! we need to stop that.

    Obvioulsy the Govt is not paying much attention towards the problem. And that has always been their biggest problem. It's nothing new that the country's energy needs have been rising every day so they should have planned dams and alternative power generation sources. The need of the hour is to start working on both short term and long term plans. Govt needs to make concrete plans to setup hydro-power facilites for long term and other facilities like power generation through gas and coal to ease difficulties in the short-term.

    But something can be done right now!!! stand up from your seat and turn off all the lights and fans and air conditioners that are running for no use. The electricity to save now can provide comfort miles away by running a fan in a small home :)

  4. @Mariam
    Ah you are so True lady, this "Little Effort" and "Little Change in Habits" can change things.. Just as it has brought us to Live with this 4 hours crash *OPTIMISTICALLY keh Shukar hai buss CHAAR ghantay jati hai* and being OK with it.. change eh? =o}

    This very thing has made us Numb towards these issues, we Always find a way Out of the problem *i refer to it as "shutting its eyes don't make the Cat go away for a Pigeon", Right?? =o}* why should We save mannn??? i have Firm belief that WE DO NOT WASTE THE ENERGY AS MUCH AS THEY DO, OR ANY OTHER WELL DEVELOPED *YEAH RRRRIGHT* COUNTRY DOES!!! And we're told that they can Do it because they can Afford it??? It gives them a Right to waste energy?? NICE!!!!

    Why do we always tend to Save and Sacrifice?? Why is that they are more interested in Rental Power Plants more than their Own Possible *and CHEAPER!!* Resources to produce energy?? ohh.. I believe that was for the Writer.. lemme Switch =o}

    i Hope you're familiar with the process of Renting. IT PAYS!!! AND A CHAPER SOLUTION DOESN'T!!! RIGHT???

    Secondly, Do you know the Schedule by which they Shed the load?? Are you sure that the energy they, for the heck of it, "Save" is Actually consumed by the needy?? Do you think Energy can be Saved in the first place?? NO IT CAN'T BE!!! The TRUE picture is, they Divide their production among the Whole population, there is no Load Shedding, it is Power Distribution for God's Sake!!!! and So you are right about building hydro-power facilites *not to forget the theory of Rental vs. National =o}*. But whatEver you do, the power you'd "SAVE" Now, would be consumed somewhere Else, and MOST PROBABLY not by the needy You were referring to. Although it feels Good to be Socially Helpful and having Social Sense towards the Needy, the Needy today dosn't have 3 ACs, not even ONE for that matter, the Needy today doesn't have 8-10 lights, the Needy today doesn't have a Car. Satirically, the person who Had 3 ACs, 8-10 lights and a Car have Become NEEDY.. catching my drift?? =o}

    But again, that's My point of view.. =o}

  5. lolll..listen huzaifa,i understand the irony, but people like us should start thinking differently, n by that i mean optimistically even if it means us being in complete denial!!come on there has to be a silver lining some where out thre!!
    u cant lose hope like that!!

  6. hahahaha.. you lost me there lady =oD to tell you the truth, I'm Over Optimistic =o}

    its just that we use lots of time in Thinking Big and ignore the ground realities during the process and That encourages me to argue =o}

    other than that i strongly believe that our future is Bright! (not the Washing Powder =oP)

    but again.. =oD

  7. @mariam i agree to the point with you that we should not waste our resources. not only now when we are faced with this crises but also when we have plenty. Its bad for us, others and the ecology.
    @obsessed I agree with you also but only on the point that its not only us who waste, there certainly are others more powerful ones. they waste more.
    but this problem cannot be dealt with one line strategy. Saving only is not the solution. Making others save as well is also very important. think in this dimension as well.
    @obsessed, our military is the cause of all structural problems.

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  9. @Nazish
    Who Should Save is the question here, how do you plan to ask the Big Fish to stop eating small ones??

    and i Disagree, Military is Not the cause of all structural problems, they lose it only when they get Political. =o}

  10. @obsessed, everyone should save. everything used beyond your necessity is wastage.

    after thought:however, 'necessitiy' is itself a controversial concept.

    In principle who ever is wasting is wrong, no one can be excluded. however big fish waste more to that I agree.

    well, as being a leftest I have my own strategy to fight social and economic injustices. if you really want me to discuss it then let me know.

    And our military is and always had been political. the real problem with our military lies in its inherited colonial structure. this structure was established by the colonial rulers to supress the masses and this they have been doing right from the beginning. And our military is trained to consider themselves superior than the civilians. This is very evident when you compare the cantonement area to rest of the city. And our current mainstream political parties are all pupets. Our military is the one who makes decisions.

  11. Well lady, firstly, I am not of Any of THE sides, I say what makes sense to Me. =o}

    ..and So, Secondly, I say that what They do to "their" cantonment area is "their" way to manage things, We, The People (inspired by Swades =oP), choose these "Puppets" for us and So we should choose Them wisely. What happens to the Rest of the geograpical area is not Military's headache, besides, I've seen some Real good projects made by the FWO (i hope you know what that is) were Outsourced to them, and they completed'em just like they complete their own projects. I am always in favor of what is Right.

    If people admire the Cantonment area then it should be followed as an Example, not as a point of debate to cover our own deficiencies.

    What happens when Sharif brothers work in Lahore is no hidden thing. WE don't even let them build a Model to be replicated in other cities. *smirk*

    I would like to share a joke, no offence intentended. =o}

    Once God decided that the tops of the colonies of hell should be removed once a year to give them a chance to escape. So it was done. People started to climb the walls, reach the top and jump off.

    After a day, it was noticed that nobody had escaped from the Pakistani colony. Angels got worried. When they reached the colony and looked inside, they were shocked to see that the person who managed to climb the wall was pulled back by the person behind him, and it was a chain reaction.

    The angels laughed and put the top back on as there was not a single chance for anyone to escape anyway. =o}

  12. Amendment: (If people "envy" the Cantonment area..) ;o}

    P.S. The last time I tend to amend the post, it left a mark, and I din't like it. So.. =oP


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