Saturday, April 10, 2010

lets talk economics!

(sorry for the late feedback everybody, PTCL is to be blamed!)

When we talk about the pakistani economy,where in the spectrum of Classicals,keynes or monetarists does our economy lie?do we actually fit into any one of the models present in our economic text books??

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Does anybody have light at their plce for more than three hours??

ok for a change lets not complain and whine and see how far we can help to solve our energy crises.hmm..since we cant build dams, cuz ironically the other provinces would get lesser water, why dont we start with conserving electricity on our own small scale?For starters we can;
1)do less ironing, cuz it takes up alot of electricity
2)keep the geasers at "pilot".cuz now ofcorse we dont need hot water!(the weather takes care of that)
3)i know its hot, but if we keep the splits and the air conditioners at a normal temperature, we would be doing ourslves a favor in the long run!
4)switch off unneccesary lights and fans.
5)avoid washing your cars with excessive water,,cuz we are facing a water shortage too!!its ok if your car dsnt shine that mch!
6)do not keep electric appliances including tv n computers on a "stand-by" mode!

iam sure you all must be aware of such little things but we all know how indifferent and oblivious we can be!i think we can make a difference with a little conscious effort!!HAPPy Summers everybody!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

How far can economic conferences take us?

Recently we had an annual general meeting(AGM) hosted for the very purpose of discussing economic matters under the aegis of the prestigious PIDE's society of development economists.Besides reading out papers full of conceptual, bookish knowledge, which is a click away on the internet, the audience got to hear nothing out of the box!!
If we are hoping to improve our economy by conducting "lavish" conferences(tea breaks and lunches were the highlight for three days), i doubt we will be heading towards any progress!!The AGM proved to be an excuse to build up false impressions on people and an "utter" formality, which has been going on since the last 25 years.Yes, our government needs to wake up because people are feasting at marriot in the name of "Economic Conferences".I may be wrong, but i dont think we can come up with economic miracles by shear sittings at a grand venue, with a hollow objective in mind!!
Suggest ways of how we can make these conferences effective so we don't end up squandering away resources(just like we did at the 25th AGM)!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Check it out!

What exactly is the reason behind China's success??is it because of the "firm leadership" of the Communists as Wen Jiabao puts it??
Check out the Latest edition of the magazine The Economist

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Self denial!!

Just today i read in the newspaper how the Prime Minister had portrayed a shockingly rosy picture of our "dismal" economy during the first meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee of the Federal cabinet.He says that, "within a period of two years, important economic targets have been achieved and the economy was back on the path of stability and progress".
What economic targets is he talking about that we have possibly achieved??
p.s(the PM definitly has a good sense of humour):D

Monday, March 8, 2010

where's our economy headed??

We are daily bombarded with news of how miserably our economy is performing; be it the energy sector, sugar crises or the black market.What according to you is our economy's major setback??